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Following its reintroduction last season, we're delighted to bring you the EDMSL Respect Cup for 23/24.All clubs have been advised who has been invited, and team managers should contact their Club Secretary if they have any questions about their inclusion.The first round of fixtures will take place on the weekend of 13th/14th April and fixtures will be released before the Easter break.Below you'll find a copy of the cup rules and all teams are encouraged to read them carefully.We have picked out some of the most frequently asked questions below and hope they provide useful guidance for all participating. FAQsCan fixtures be rearranged?  No, fixtures cannot be re-arranged or deferred - if you cannot fulfil the fixture, your opponent will be awarded a 1-0 victory.When do results need to be submitted? All results must be entered into Matchday or Fulltime by 19:00 on the day of your fixture.When will Cup fixtures be published? The first round of fixtures will be published before the Easter break.  Cup Fixtures will then be published by the end of the Monday after each round.  If you have a time restriction, please add it to the usual Google Form before Monday at 9am, and the AGC will do what they can to accommodate - we may not be able to satisfy every request.Will you offer friendlies for teams no longer in the cup?  Yes, friendlies will be offered to teams who take part in the cup and have been knocked out or given a bye - but note that cup games will take priority and there may not be sufficient pitch space to offer everyone a game.  Note: if you’re not taking part in the cup, no friendlies will be offered - but you can arrange your own at non-league venues.When will Friendly Fixtures be published each week?  Friendly Fixtures will be published by the end of every Tuesday.  If you do not want a friendly, please inform your AGC by 9 am Monday morning after you’ve been knocked out.  Note: Friendlies will only be offered until the end of April - we lose access to all venues except Stoneham in May.How are Byes determined?  Not everyone will have a cup fixture on the 13th/14th April and as such, some teams will get a bye.  Byes are given where the number of teams taking part in a cup is uneven.  All fixtures are generated via an online fixture generation tool.  Those teams with a bye on the 13th and 14th will therefore be picked at random.  There is no intervention from League officials in this process.What if there is a draw? In the event of a draw, there is to be no extra time played, and instead your fixture will go straight to penalties; best of 5 followed by sudden death.  Only the team on the pitch at the final whistle will be allowed to take penalties, and the goalkeeper in goal at the final whistle must face the penalties.  To accommodate the extra time needed for penalties, fixture kick-off times may be slightly different to the times you’re used to - kick-off times will be published ahead of each round.When is the final? The finals will be held on the weekend of the 18th and 19th May.  Fixture times will be confirmed in the week before the final.What if a fixture cannot be played because of pitch problems? We hope by April we don't encounter any severe weather issues to affect play, however, we have held the weekend of the 3rd and 4th May as a ‘catch up’ weekend. Can I play new players?  No.  Only your squad as registered on 28th February are eligible to play.  Anyone fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified from the cup.How do I know if players are eligible?  Both teams MUST show the Referee and your opponent your squad lists before each fixture.  Squad lists must also be shown to League representatives if requested.  This is the same requirement as has been in place all season… but note - FAILURE TO PRODUCE YOUR SQUAD LIST WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE CUP.  Your squad list MUST be up to date and show all players that are with you pitch side on the day.  The MATCHDAY APP IS NOT A VALID SQUAD LIST - you can download a valid squad list from clubs.thefa.com or you can ask your club secretary for a copy.

Posted on March 25, 2024

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Thank you to all U10 managers who joined us for the recent Tyro transition evening.Attached below are the slides that were presented - Please download and read the details.  If you have any questions, please raise them initially to your Club Secretary who will be able to help.Additionally, you'll also find The FA Guide to Pitch and Goal Dimensions which includes the 9v9 pitch and goal details.Many of you asked about Referee and Assistant Referee training, and there was a discussion about the Laws of the Game course.  The course is free and you can access it here.  It was highlighted at the meeting that all teams are required to provide an Assistant Referee for each match, and assigned Referees will available less frequently than at EDMSL.  As such, we'd encourage you and several parent volunteers to take this course and familiarise yourselves with the laws of the game.

Posted on March 18, 2024

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